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Benefits of Power Washing And Why You Need One for Your Home

Having your house power washed is a much more convenient way than usual cleaning methods, which involves cleaning by hand with brushes, ladders, and tools. Furthermore, professional companies can clean structures quickly and efficiently, reducing the heavy work needed.

When it comes to power washing a home, there is no exact answer on when you should do it. Each house varies in size, but most houses are power washed at least once a year. Also, how often you power wash your home will depend on your location.

Houses in new subdivisions and settlements are more likely to get dirty from gravel and dirt tracks. Houses alongside rocky roads in rural areas are prone to debris and dirt. These situations might require your exterior to be cleaned more often.

That’s why power washing is beneficial for extending a house’s lifespan. It prevents and lowers the need for repair and replacement. There are so many benefits to power washing, and we have created a list of them. In this article, we are going to give you a list of the benefits of power washing.

Benefits of Power Washing

Power washing has a lot of benefits depending on various situations. Here are situations in which power washing can be of extensive use.

1. Repaint Your Home’s Exterior

It is good to give it some thorough cleaning before repainting your house. You must remove all dirt, debris, and mold before you apply new paint. Power washing before repainting is an effective way to prevent siding problems.

2. Post-Storm Cleanup

After storms, your house might look quite rough from all the dirt and debris, but you should also clean them immediately to prevent rotting and other problems. Power washing can aid in deep cleaning.

3. Removes Mold Off of the Exterior

If your house is located in warm and humid areas, mildew and mold might grow on the exterior of your house. Cleaning your house’s exterior more often than once a year is essential in such cases. It is better to check your home during the hottest months. If you see mold and mildew, it’s an indication to schedule a power washing appointment.

4. To Sell The Home

If you plan to move and sell your current house, you might want to repaint your home’s exterior first. A fresh-looking house sells quicker and sells for a higher price. Regardless of repainting it, a power wash will freshen up a house’s exterior to make it look new again.

What Types of Siding Can Be Power Washed?

All types of siding, whether vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood, stucco, brick, or cement fiberboard, can be power washed by professionals. The skilled technicians know exactly how many pounds per square inch (PSI) your type of siding can withstand to avoid damage. Improper use of a power washer can cause damage, which is why it is better to let a professional worker handle the job.


Power washing is efficient for general maintenance, and it also helps to deep clean from time to time. It’s also very easy when you hire the right professionals. With everything said, you are the person who knows best when your home should be power washed.

Here at Absolute Cleaning Solutions, we offer high-quality cleaning services that provide care and attention to every person’s needs. Not only do we provide power washing services, but we also offer pressure washing, exterior and interior window cleaning, and gutter cleaning. Please visit our website to enlist our services.

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