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3 Commercial Businesses That Need Regular Pressure Washing

For any business owner that is especially particular about how they present themselves and their company, the need to maintain an aesthetically pleasing business front is paramount. If you’ve been operating a company whose premises have many different exterior features that your customers are frequently exposed to, then you’re set on ensuring that everything looks spic and span.

Whether you’ve got an auto shop, bookstore, bathroom boutique, or accounting firm, it’s always critical that your storefront or office is as appealing as possible. In the case of Alabama businesses, the need for cleanliness always applies because of how unforgiving the state’s weather conditions can be day-in, day-out on the exterior of a commercial property.

Considering that an attractive facade will always attract new business opportunities, it’s best to invest in your aesthetics. One effective way to keep everything as spotless as possible is frequent pressure washing. This bears one question that you may ask yourself: Does my business need to be pressure washed frequently?

Well, the best way to answer this question is to know if your firm falls under the list of common suspects.

Businesses That Need to Be Pressure Washed Frequently

It’s safe to say that all business exteriors should be pressure washed occasionally. But when it comes to the frequency of washing appointments, such a need is applicable to certain areas. Let’s look at the types of businesses that need to be frequently power washed by a professional like Absolute Cleaning Solutions:

1. Restaurants

Restaurant patrons are all about appearances and cleanliness, so it’s critical to keep your premises as clean and orderly as possible. Given the sheer amount of foot traffic, waste, and material that the average dining establishment deals with daily, it’s only suitable to pressure wash the exteriors constantly.

On top of unruly customers and high volumes of activity, however, the fact that soot, pollution, and exhaust fumes that come from nearby roads merits the need for weekly cleans at the very least.

2. Hotels

For any kind of hospitality establishment that prides itself on providing world-class accommodation, it’s no secret that cleanliness contributes a lot to a guest’s experience. And it just so happens that the need to keep things clean is especially important for the outside of a hotel. Whether you’re running a 40-room motel or a 500-room luxury getaway, operating a hotel bears the need to keep its premises as clean as possible to attract guests and comply with set industry standards. Fortunately, a weekly or bi-weekly power wash to hose down accumulated gunk and grit can keep everything looking immaculate!

3. Clinics

Another type of business that is by no means exempt from the need for spotlessness is a clinic or any type of healthcare facility. Patients come to clinics in the hopes of not catching infections or being exposed to germs, so it’s critical for any establishment to do its part by keeping its premises clean.

Through the help of a regular wash (ideally every other day), it will be much easier to keep patient needs and concerns in check while maintaining a necessary atmosphere of sanitation!


Any kind of business can greatly benefit from being pressure washed, but some types of establishments need it more frequently than others. If your company greatly depends on the need to stay clean, don’t hesitate to get regular cleaning sessions scheduled ASAP! Absolute Cleaning Services provides pressure washing in Birmingham, AL, for any kind of business. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience!

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