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4 Vital Reasons to Seal and Stain Your Wooden Deck

While wooden decks are generally built to resist the elements, they aren't exactly immune to deterioration. Over time, wooden decks can wear down. Extreme conditions such as the winter’s freezing temperatures and summer’s blazing can affect the wood quality, not to mention the amount of dirt, grime, and foot traffic it’s subjected to.

In other words, wooden decks are subject to a lot of stress. Proper maintenance of the installation is vital to keep them in pristine condition throughout the year. With that said, one of the most important things you must do to protect your wooden deck is to stain and seal it. Here are reasons you should:

1. Fights off Moisture

Wood and water are two things that should never go together unless wood continues to live as a tree. Wood in your home should be kept as dry as possible, as exposure to moisture can severely weaken its structural integrity.

Wooden decks are the last thing you want to soak with water, simply because it boosts the risks of breaking easily and growing mold. Sealing the wooden decks prevents water from seeping into the wood, keeping the actual wood dry while the water sits on top, ready to evaporate.

2. Stops Cracking in Its Tracks

Because wood expands and contracts regularly due to the changing temperature of its environment, cracks can quickly form on it. Water can also cause wooden decking to crack, as moisture can warp the wood.

This is not pleasing to look at, and over time, these cracks can grow bigger, forcing you to repair or replace your wooden deck. This means exerting a lot of time and money into fixing something that you could have easily prevented through sealing and staining.

3. Shields the Wood from the Sun

Much like how you wouldn't want to expose your skin to the sun for far too long, you wouldn't want your wooden decking subjected to the same thing. If you do not have a roof over the installation, the wooden deck will be subject to the sun's rays that can easily cause the wood to discolorize, dry out, and warp.

Sealing and staining the wood helps prevent the sun's rays from penetrating deep into the wood, ensuring that the deck lasts for as long as it can without any damage.

4. Prevents Rotting from Occurring

A rotting deck can give off a foul odor, leading it to look blackened and unsightly. Unfortunately, it can also become a safety hazard. Rotten wood doesn't have the structural integrity it used to have, and any extra weight on the wood can quickly cause it to collapse and cause serious injuries.

When the rotting starts, it will be almost impossible to reverse the damages without completely replacing the rotted portions—as such, sealing and staining act as preventive maintenance to stop rotting from occurring in the first place.


Sealing and staining protect your wooden deck from a myriad of damages that can potentially hurt your investment. They also help maintain your wood's beauty and boost your home's value! If your wooden deck has yet to be stained or sealed, be sure to contact the pros to carry out the job right away!

Absolute Cleaning Solutions offers quality services such as pressure washing, gutter cleaning, deck staining, and so more to satisfy any maintenance needs to the fullest. If you require the best deck staining services in Birmingham to protect your wooden deck, contact us today!

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