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Pressure Washing: Driveway Cleaning

An overview into cleaning concrete

Hey everyone! Something I have wanted to do for quite some time, is to make a series of videos. The purpose of these videos are to provide potential clients with an estimate and a short video that goes with it. One video for each service that we perform. Pressure washing is not always cut and dry. When it comes to different surfaces, materials, stains, etc. your knowledge and skill required is constantly evolving. I have been doing this for nearly 9 years. January 2024 will be the 4th year of Absolute Cleaning. I enjoy doing the hard things and completing challenges other companies either will not do or want to. Our goal is to strive for quality in our field. When it comes to house washing, driveway cleaning, deck cleaning, or gutter cleaning. We want to ensure you as a client that our commitment to do things properly is true. Over-informing and answering all questions before we begin a job is always step 1.

As time goes on, I have manicured my own way to explain our services time and time again, almost daily. The idea struck me to make videos that are quality, and very informative pertaining to all of our services. This serves as an insight and an education inlet into how these services are being done. Not just for clients, but I very much enjoy training and helping other pressure washers/power washers these correct methods and "how to's". I have uploaded a video for surface cleaning flat concrete surfaces below. Thank for your time!

-Josh Tatum, Owner/CEO

"The Absolute Difference"

pressure washing driveway

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