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Important Tips on How You Can Protect Your Deck at Home

As the summer season comes, we all look forward to just relaxing on the deck on a beautiful sunny day while eating hearty meals off the barbeque. To achieve this kind of lifestyle, we must protect our decks so it can last long for more summers to come.

Protecting your deck is an absolutely essential task for your home, but it can be daunting to do. Don’t worry, though—it’s not as complicated as it sounds. There are three things you just need to remember: seal, clean, and protect your deck. Here’s a breakdown of each item:

How to Seal Your Deck

If your deck is left unprotected, it will rot easily and quickly. Your timber deck needs to be protected by using flashing tape during construction to help cover the bearers and joists. It can also be further protected by sealing the deck boards regularly.

To properly seal, it’s best to use a deck preservative, such as deck sealers or stain with clear sealer. Remember that stain and sealant lose their ability to protect over time, however, so never forget to reapply.

Here are a few ways you can seal your deck:

1. Having the right temperature ensures the best seal. Always check the weather to be sure that the temperature stays between 10° and 32°C.

2. Clean off both debris and furnishings from the deck surfaces.

3. Sand it if possible. But if you do, be sure to clean off any sawdust, especially between the cracks.

4. Stir the sealer and do not shake it. Shaking it might cause bubbles in the finish.

5. Apply the sealer with a brush, paint roller, or sprayer.

6. Don’t forget to repeat and fine-tune. Never forget to make sure that the deck is completely dry before returning the furnishings back.

How to Clean Your Deck

Using a power washer might seem like a quick and convenient way to clean all the dirt, but it could end up damaging your deck. The pressure of the power washer might cause splintering, which effectively damages the timber parts of your deck boards.

An alternative and safe way is to simply clean your deck by scrubbing. You’ll need a broom, garden hose, bristle crush, and a biodegradable deck-cleaning solution. Never use bleach and acid solutions. Here is a small process you can clean without a pressure washer:

1. Remove furniture off the deck boards.

2. Sweep off any leaves and debris.

3. Test your cleaners on unnoticeable areas to prevent staining.

4. Clean with water, cleaning solution, and bristle brush.

5. Scrub the entire deck.

6. Rinse off with a hose.

7. Dry it all off before moving back furniture.

How to Protect Your Deck

Most timber materials used to build your deck are exposed to moisture. Water can easily enter through the boards and screw holes. Water damage is the biggest danger to timber, even if many decks last for years. Without proper protection and maintenance, the timber might start decaying. The damage can even happen faster in areas with significantly hot and wet weather.

The great solution to prevent all the damage is to use high-quality flashing tape. Your deck board will definitely last longer if you take steps to protect the joists and bearers from moisture.


With proper care and attention, your deck will definitely last long for years. You just need to be diligent and hardworking in the process. Through small actions, such as investing in the small cost of flashing tape, giving time for a good cleaning, and sealing the deck constantly, you can preserve the beauty of your deck.

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