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Protecting Your Home from Water Damage: Overview on Gutters

Every home is susceptible to water damage. Even water-resistant coating needs regular reapplication of layers to protect the structures underneath. This is why it’s necessary to prevent standing water from remaining on your home’s different exteriors.

Your roofing system isn’t just composed of layers of roofing shingles that protect your home from the sun. It also contains a series of pipes that direct water flow from the roof down to your drainage pipes. These gutters ensure that water does not cause damage by seeping through your roofing systems. Although it has a simple and straightforward purpose, many homeowners are unaware that their home’s issues can come from dirty gutters.

The Vulnerability of Roofing Systems

Your home routinely receives wear and tear from various environmental factors, from the sun’s UV rays to the gradual chemical reaction of rain and snow. This is why your roofing systems must be durable enough to withstand damage from these sources. Otherwise, the safety and stability of your exterior structures can give way and allow water to seep into your home’s interiors.

Gutters regularly have to deal with falling leaves, dust, and other forms of debris. Even pests like insects and birds can nest on your rough to cause blockages. When neglected, these small yet gradual buildups of damage can lead to compromised gutters. It can lead to cracks, leaks, and even warping, which causes water to stray away from the intended path of going down the drainage pipe. For this reason, homeowners must regularly consider their gutters’ cleanliness and stability.

The Routine of Cleaning Gutters

Since every home has a different build and surrounding environment, it’s important to gauge the frequency of its gutter cleaning needs. For example, a home that is near plenty of trees or that regularly experiences dust storms requires more frequent gutter cleaning. Generally, it’s best to clean gutters during spring and fall. This is in preparation for the amount of regular debris of fallen leaves that can land on your roofing systems. If you don’t clean these piles regularly, they could accumulate dirt, dust and even invite pests to find shelter and nest inside them.

The Importance of Reinforcing Gutters

Besides routine cleaning, you can also apply gutter covers to limit its exposure to falling debris. Installing leaf guards will reduce the volume of leaves that can clog your gutters. Instead of cleaning your gutters every season, you may opt to clean them only once every three years. These attachments offer extra protection to your gutters. However, you should still give your gutters a look to ensure that no potential buildup of debris can compromise your roofing system.

Keep in mind that reinforcing your gutters may require more work when added to your cleaning responsibilities. Remember to weigh the pros and cons of installing gutter covers before implementing them throughout your roofing systems.


Although routine cleaning of gutters can reduce the risk of clogging, it’s difficult for any regular homeowner to perform a thorough job. Additionally, any chore that requires balancing on top of a ladder involves a risk of causing damage to your home at best, to injuring yourself at worst. For this reason, it’s essential to consult with cleaning experts with the right tools and experience to handle your home’s hard-to-reach areas.

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